David Gilmour Tour 2016 – A True Guitar Master Takes The Stage

With a brand-new solo album released after a long 10 year wait we will finally be treated to live performances from one of rock’s foremost pioneers! The David Gilmour tour 2016 has already begun and there are dates scheduled all over the place! Right now he has shows lined up for South America in December, and then in the new year you will be coming over to the United States of America. It’s been a long while since fans in the USA had a chance to see him shred live, but he’s finally back! Take a look below to see all of the tickets that are still available.

He has already played some shows over in Europe, but he has many upcoming performances for other places, especially in the upcoming new year. Originally there weren’t any dates scheduled for the US, but because demand for this Pink Floyd guitarist was so high he finally had to come around and put some shows on the schedule for North America. The demand was simply too great to ignore the potential revenue for this now solo guitar master. He isn’t going to be out in the boondocks either, he is going to play live shows in venues like New York’s Madison Square Garden, and other shows in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. No one would expect less from the lead guitarist from one of the worlds foremost rock ‘n roll groups, and legends in the rock ‘n roll industry.

The new solo album that was just released a few months ago in September is called rattle that lock. It has nine tracks and is certainly a return to form for this solo guitarist. Even after all these years his dexterity and musicianship still remain intact. Now that everything is released and in the public eye, David is open to talking about his new album. One of the things that makes him so special though, in an age where everything is exposed through social media and everyone knows the latest gossip about every celebrity, David manages to keep a low profile. Nobody even knew that he had a new solo album coming out until just a couple months before it’s released during the marketing for the CD.

It’s been about a decade since we’ve had a chance to see something like the David Gilmour tour 2016. While thankfully he is back, but he isn’t going to be playing shows at a machine gun pace. He will be playing a show here and there, this way you will still have lots of time to spend with his family over in England. Once he’s done playing these shows what is in store for David? Right now it’s not even guaranteed that the man himself knows. To be honest, as fans its not really that important, the most important thing that we need to focus on right now is that we have one of hte worlds best guitar players going all over the world and we all the chance to experience this incredible music.

He has been putting out amazing guitar work and playing stunning live shows for decades and he is still going strong. He isn’t going to be around forever though, in fact, the keyboardist of Pink Floyd diede back in 2008, so you should definitely enjoy these performances from classic rock legends while the opportunity exists. There is no guarantee that he will release more dates, so if there happens tobe a show scheduled around your area make sure that you sieze the moment!